About us

If your goal is to study cutting-edge science, uncover Nature’s secrets by designing and performing sophisticated experiments using modern research techniques and equipment, and gain the upper hand in today’s competitive market place, then

study with us at the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw.

Biological Sciences are a vibrant, dynamic field of research fundamental to the development of modern Medicine, Agriculture, Biomaterials, Renewable Energy and many more areas of human activity crucial to the Mankind’s future.

About Faculty of Biology

University of Warsaw was founded in 1816 and is Poland's largest and finest university.

Today UW employs over 6,030 personnel, including 3,170 academic teachers and educates almost 55,400 undergraduate and graduate students. Each year about 17,000 young people enroll as students at the University of Warsaw.

The Faculty of Biology is one of 19 faculties of the University of Warsaw.

History of the Faculty

wydz1 The history of the Faculty of Biology is almost as long as that of the University of Warsaw, despite the fact that at the inception of the Royal University of Warsaw in 1816, none of the names its five Faculties referred to “Biology”. The natural sciences taught at the Faculty of Philosophical Skills were Geology, Zoology, Botany and Anthropology. The Botanical Garden was opened in 1817, in the Łazienki park under the tutelage of the pioneer in plant anatomy and morphology, Prof. Michał Szubert (1787-1860).